Program Information

Some key information on the Global Perspectives Program can be found in the list below.

  1. Five credit program – and one Grade 12 University level course: World Issues
    • Grade 11 credits: core university English, Politics, Arts/Culture/Music and Comparative Spirituality
    • Grade 12 credits: university level World Issues
  2. There is an application/selection process that is required of all participants. This process is explained in the Application Process section.
  3. Full academic load in the second semester – offered at Innisdale but available for any Simcoe County student in either Board if selected.
  4. Partnership with the City of Barrie through the Youth Ambassadors Program, which is a sub-committee of the International Relations Committee.
  5. Fully integrated program delivery – only 25% of their final mark is based on individual course specific expectations. The remainder is integrated in all aspects. Students must learn to accept that they are taking 1 program called Global and not five courses loosely banded together.
  6. International trips are part of the evaluation and, therefore, are not optional – all students must participate in the same number of international opportunities (Presumably Germany + one of Cuba/Mexico).
  7. Financial assistance is available for those families that demonstrate a legitimate need through our partnership with the City of Barrie’s Youth Ambassadors Legacy Fund. It is assumed that those that CAN pay will pay and that those who NEED assistance will speak with the City representative as early in this process as possible. NB: We will NOT discuss financial need with the students – adults need to speak to adults about this type of situation. We will under NO circumstances “deal” with the student on this issue. To discuss your unique financial need, please contact Dave Morrison ( Your confidentiality is assured!
  8. The hosting experience is a great opportunity, not an inconvenience, and we expect your family to commit to this just as a German family will commit to hosting your child. However, if there are extraordinary circumstances that make it impossible to host then please speak to Mr. Toole to ensure that alternative arrangements are made.

Much more information specific to the structure and organization of the academic aspects will be presented at the first parent’s meeting or for specific program questions, please get in touch with Jeff Toole at

Images of students participating in the previous Global Perspectives exchanges in Canada, Cuba and Germany.

The Type of Exchange

Two aspects of this are important to note…

This is an academic/cultural exchange in which all youth will be fully engaged in their academic studies while simultaneously immersed in the culture of the community in which they are living.

Additionally, this type of exchange is called a “plane to plane hosting”. This means that each delegation pays for its own international travel costs and the host community pays all costs from when the plane lands to when it takes off (There is an exception. Should the parents agree, an attempt is made to organize an additional experience to visit another place… it has been nick-named “The Big Trip”)


The organizers have developed a program of cultural and educational experiences that will showcase our country, our city, and our people. To that end, the Global teachers, in conjunction with the International Relations Committee and the Youth Ambassadors Program, and with input from the Global students, will create an itinerary to meet the ‘group’ needs. Although the specifics need to be finalized, we plan to augment their daily educational experience with a series of events and activities that will show them different aspects of our lives. For example, we are certain to include a City Hall Reception, tour of the city, MacLaren Art Centre, possibly a Colts game, etc. Other options might include Niagara Falls, CN Tower/Sky Dome, Bruce Trail hike, industrial tours, Algonquin Park, Science North etc. The possibilities are endless.

The family’s commitment as hosts will be to handle the ‘individual’ needs of the German youth billeted with you. Perhaps the easiest way to describe how to approach this situation is to ask yourself two questions. “How you would want your child treated when they are in Germany?” “What memories of family life in Canada do you want to send back to Germany?” The minimum commitment will be to provide room and board for the month and some minor transportation needs (e.g. delivering your guest to a central location for our various excursions). Additionally, we expect that you will treat your guest like a member of the family for the duration of the stay. Whatever else you choose to do is up to you, but we would recommend that it be as natural as possible. In general, whatever your family likes to do (camping, cottage, bike rides, theatre, boating, movies, etc.) simply continue doing it and include the guest.


The single most important component to the ultimate success of this exchange is the match made between a Canadian family and their German guest. This person is going to be with you for a month and, although we are prepared to resolve whatever crises may develop, it is essential that we make every effort to make the best, most natural matches possible. To facilitate this, we will be asking you and your child to complete the Student Profile questionnaire. The more detailed your responses the better our chances of making a natural match with a German youth of similar interests. Please consider the small, seemingly insignificant things because they are frequently the unrecognized stumbling blocks. For example, your family pet, however well trained and affectionate, may be a nightmare for someone who is allergic to it.

Images of students participating in the previous Global Perspectives exchanges in Canada, Cuba and Germany.

Developing World Opportunities

We are extremely fortunate to have helped develop a unique international educational/cultural interchange program with the University of Matanzas in Cuba. Our first effort at this was in 2004 and we have returned every year until the recent COVID-19 pandemic sealed all our borders. On an academic level, our students will attend lectures by Cuban university professors on topics ranging from “Socialist Economic Realities” through to “Jose Marti – Revolutionary Writer”. Additionally, two Canadian students will be partnered with a Cuban university student who will be their guide as we explore Cuban culture. All of this will be outlined in greater detail to future delegations however there is no question that this opportunity is truly a “chance of a lifetime”.

Community Sponsorships

We recognize that each family is different and that different circumstances require different realities. Therefore, if a family demonstrates a need for financial assistance, the YAP legacy fund may provide a 2/3rds sponsorship.

Please contact David Morrison ( for more information.

Youth Ambassadors Legacy Fund

For more than 20 years, the youth of Barrie have had the opportunity to explore many different parts of the world through programs coordinated under the auspices of our International Relations Committee. Local teens have traveled to many countries in Europe, Asia and even here in our own hemisphere. We know from their many testimonials what extraordinary experiences they have had, some of which have been life-altering.

From the beginning our committee has insisted that we would accept “the best kids, not the richest kids” into our program. Countless hours have been spent fund-raising to ensure community sponsorships are always available for those less fortunate. Our community sponsors have been amazing, with many supporting us from the very beginning and have never let us down. We hope they continue to see the significance of these opportunities.

As we look to the future, we wish to lay an even stronger foundation to ensure that we continue to provide opportunities for all deserving youth, regardless of their financial means. To do so we are reaching out to all who have benefitted directly from our programs and all those who see the benefits for the youth in our community. To achieve our goal, we need the continued support from our community. If you would consider making a tax-deductible donation to these youth please click on the link below to go to our donations section of the Legacy Fund.

If you have an interest in volunteering with any of these groups please use the information below to contact us.