I strongly support and recommend the Global Perspectives program for any ambitious young person. I am proud to have participated in its first year and that involvement has empowered me to achieve my dream of working for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

Patrick Watson

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

Director of Public Policy

Global Perspectives Student - 2000

My global experience was entirely different from what I had originally anticipated. However, I believe that it was equally as rewarding. Through the program I gained a stronger work ethic, created lasting friendships with my peers, and finally, I broadened my “global perspective.” Despite the inevitable covid restrictions disallowing any travelling, the teachers created an environment where I found myself wanting to be at school. Global 2021 was like a family to me and I will never forget what I learned and the happiness I felt to be a part of such a unique class. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and I would recommend the program to everybody I know.

Alexa Paemurd

Global Perspectives Student - 2021

The memories I made during my time in the Global Perspectives program will never leave and the friendships I developed will last a lifetime. It was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Greg Brooks

Global Perspectives Student - 2013

I originally enrolled in Global Perspectives to be challenged academically, broaden my worldview, and have a blast travelling— I came out of the program with much more then I ever expected! It not only surpassed my expectations, but also helped me see my full potential, guide me in my post-secondary studies, and most importantly our trip to Cuba taught me how to analyze international and domestic issues from a critical, and global, perspective.

Brady Chapman

Global Perspectives Student - 2012

Global Perspectives is a completely unique experience that leaves you with lifelong gifts. It provides you with critical thinking, a widen perspective on the world and lifelong friendships just to list a few!

Casidhe Gardiner

Global Perspectives Student - 2012

In Grade 11, I was lucky enough to be accepted into the most challenging, most innovative and certainly the most rewarding program I have ever experienced. Global Perspectives was not simply about knowledge, in the way that many courses are. It taught thirty students to break free of the eggshells which were their minds: to become aware of a world outside their own, and, above all, to forget about grades and discover a new passion for learning. As a science major, I can say, too, that it is not a program reserved for humanities student. Rather, Global is designed for any motivated individual hoping to learn more about the world’s intricacies in a very constructive environment.

Aiden McKee

Global Perspectives Student - 2012

Participating in the Global Perspectives program was an unforgettable and life-changing experience. Being exposed to such unique cultures and to drastically different lifestyles inspired me to pursue my post-secondary education in International Development. I want to help create a world of opportunity and equality. I encourage students to participate in the Global Perspectives program.

Kindersley Brucker

Global Perspectives Student - 2012

Global inspired me to decide what I wanted to get out of life, and pushed me to develop the tools I need to get it.

Jordan Stewart

Global Perspectives Student - 2011

This program was one of the most uniquely enthralling learning experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of being apart of. From beginning to end, the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained from traveling with the program have been huge assets in following years- it’s given me thirst for new experiences and a group of friends that time can’t affect. Given the chance, I’d do it all again, in an instant. This is not something to let pass you by.

Zack Coulter

Global Perspectives Student - 2009

Global Perspectives was an experience of a lifetime. It was worth every penny and taught me so much about the world and myself that no other class could ever do. I made lifelong friends and memories and it completely changed my outlook on life and future goals. Everyone should get a chance to experience this!

Jordan Gardiner

Global Perspectives Student - 2009

Participating in my Youth Ambassador trip to Cuba as a high school student was truly a life-changing experience. This trip allowed me to make great friends in another country and create memories that will last a life time.It is also allowed me to learn and see how past and current politics and history have influenced the development of a country. Taking part in this program is an incredibly unique learning experience that I would recommend. It is one of the best things I have ever done!

Brianna Keener

Global Perspectives Student - 2009

I highly recommend Youth Ambassadors International because I had the pleasure of being involved as a student in the Global Perspectives program. Learning alongside new friends was an unforgettable experience, full of laughter, light, and revelations. I personally developed an understanding of myself as a global citizen, and the experience sparked my interest in international affairs. In high school, I had no idea what I wanted to study in university, but I knew I was interested in learning more about how the world works. This Global Perspectives experience was a main inspiration behind my choice to pursue a dual degree in Globalization Studies and Business at Western University. Overall, the program was extremely well-organized and had a high level of integrity… you should get involved with this unique opportunity!

Kyah Schmaucher

Global Perspectives Student - 2009

Global Perspectives was an experience of a lifetime. It was worth every penny and taught me so much about the world and myself that no other class could ever do. I made lifelong friends and memories and it completely changed my outlook on life and future goals. Everyone should get a chance to experience this!

Devon Hardy

Global Perspectives Student - 2008

As a part of the Global Class of 2008, my student exchanges and interchanges were some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. These trips, among many other things allowed me to explore new countries, engage in cross-cultural conversations and grasp culture differentiation as a means for educational enrichment. As a traveller and not a tourist, this trip also allowed me to be critical of the world around me – a quality I had yet to explore in my education.

Josh Carr

Global Perspectives Student - 2008

I view my involvement with the Global Perspectives program as a ‘once in a life-time experience’, and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. Although the interchanges and exchanges may sound more like a vacation than anything, it truly was a lot more than that to me. The program taught me independence, improved my critical thinking skills, as well as opened my eyes to issues beyond the city, province and country that I grew up in. I firmly believe that these values have helped me through University, College and my work experiences to date, and I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is even remotely interested.

Brennan Obermayer

Global Perspectives Student - 2008

The Global Perspectives program was both a challenging and rewarding experience that fostered academic excellence and offered me exposure to global issues in a hands-on environment. As a senior university student I can say that this program was one of the best learning experiences and I’ve ever had, and would highly recommend it as an opportunity for students to expand their horizon and further understand their role in the world at large.

Brad Kuzmich

Global Perspectives Student - 2007

The experience I had in the global program was subconsciously the best life experience I have ever had. At the time high school was a means to an exit into the real world, and it wasn’t until I became a member of the program that I became a part of something bigger than me. Unknowingly I entered into a program that opened my eyes to a whole new horizon of opportunities that went beyond the classroom doors. The global program helped me figure out who I was and who I wanted to become as a person, and in doing so, it opened my eyes to many new opportunities. Upon graduating, instead of staying constant on the ordinary path, I took a chance and moved to Los Angeles. An opportunity I would not have done without the guidance of the Global program. Throughout the years to follow I’ve had the pleasure of living in various cities in North America, starring in Web-Series, commercials and working on a variety of television shows. All of this would have been impossible if I had stayed with the norm and not taken a chance to become part of something greater, a rich fulfilling program, run by dedicated and passionate teachers who taught me that being in Global meant there is no satisfaction. Just a divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and, in so doing, more alive than the others.

Connor Mackenzie

Global Perspectives Student - 2006

An amazing way to experience first hand how other people around the world live, learn and celebrate and it made me crave this understanding in more places. It led to me studying and backpacking through Europe one summer while in University and after graduation moving to Asia for a job (knowing no one there). Global introduces you to people who think like you do and gives you a network of fellow travellers/adventurers for the future!

Morgan McDonald

Global Perspectives Student - 2006

I joined the global program at a difficult time in my life. While this program taught me so many valuable life lessons, it also provided me with a great escape. It challenged me and I welcomed it. Within a week into the program, the difficult times I had been going through no longer had any impact on me. Global help to shape the person I am today.

Joel McWatters

Global Perspectives Student - 2005

To say that Global Perspectives has changed my life would be underselling it. Through the mentorship and guidance of those involved, I was able to realize the person I could become and learned the skills and behaviours needed to achieve that goal. I have been immersing myself in travel and other cultures ever since and I haven’t looked back once.

Christian Lee

Global Perspectives Student - 2004

The Global Program is a wonderful experience for students. Both of my children went through the program. The travel component of the program made the hard work worth it. It was wonderful to see my children grow more confident and independent through their travels. The opportunity to meet people from other parts of the world was invaluable. Even now, three years later, my daughter still keeps in touch with her “Cuban Sister” and I have two German “daughters” that I hope will come visit again.

Nancy Brooks

Parent of Global Perspectives Students

Global Perspectives broadened our daughter’s view of the world and gave her a better appreciation of how well we live in North America. It left a lasting impression that helped her choose a career path. She is a 4th year nursing student working towards a profession where she can help those in need and less fortunate.

The time spent in Cuba and Germany was a valuable asset to prepare her for the independence of university life away from home. It built a unique level of confidence and cooperation skills beyond what a parent is able to provide for their teenager in the home setting. She was very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the program run from her existing high school. It was a natural fit for her character traits and definitely enhanced her secondary school educational experience.

Beth Allen

Parent of Global Perspectives Students

A unique cultural experience which provides local students with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the world around them.

As parents with 3 daughters who participated in educational programs to Cuba, Japan and Germany, we can honestly say that the experiences changed our lives forever. Not only did our daughters grow from their involvement, our whole family enjoyed the connections made through hosting international students and having the opportunity to learn about their cultures. It is a wonderful program that fosters culturally aware and accepting youth within our own community.

Brent and Shelia Boyd

Parent of Global Perspectives Students

The international component of the Youth Ambassador program provided my children an opportunity to meet a life-long friend across the sea. If I were to vacation with my child in Europe, we would see things I think they would like but I would never be able to give the opportunity to spend time with youth, see sites with their peers, and to experience day to day living with their host families. We did an exchange with another venue, and the school component was lost as my child’s academics suffered as the courses she took over-seas were not recognized in her home school and she missed 3 months of class time here. Global prepared my child to visit Cuba but nothing could explain what she learned by experiencing life there. She saw poverty and has been touched by it in so far as she provides treats for subsequent groups to give to her Cuban friends. All in all, the experience the Youth Ambassador program provided for my children filled them with a new appreciation of the Global Perspective than could never be learned from books or from family travel. They look back on their experience as a seed that will blossom into greater travel and a continued relationship with their extended family across the sea!

Helen TeBokkel

Parent of Global Perspectives Students