Program Information

Murayama, Japan


Orientation Sessions: Between selection and departure delegates must attend orientation sessions designed to acquaint you with the many cultural differences. These sessions are essential to the success of the program and must be the delegates’ top priority.

In Japan: You are Ambassadors of Barrie with responsibilities, so behave accordingly; listen, learn, experience, grow….

Community Involvement: Upon our return, you will share your experiences and give back into the community in several ways including, but not restricted to, the following: report to Council, speak to service clubs, educational presentations, organize cultural events, serve on either the Planning Committee or the Selection Committee of the Youth Ambassadors program.

As Hosts the Following Summer: It is expected that you and your family will act as a host family for a portion their return visit the following summer. Beyond providing accommodation and other basic necessities, you will help shape your guest's memories of our community and country. Naturally, the program will be actively involved in developing activities and will help in the planning stages.

Adult Chaperones: If you have an interest in becoming an adult chaperone or simply have questions about the process please contact the person listed below…

Mrs. Shannon Scully-Pratt –

Taizhou, China

Unfortunately, our program with Taizhou is currently in abeyance.

Zweibrücken, Germany

Please visit the Global Perspectives section for more information.

Harrogate, United Kingdom

We are working with our Harrogate partners to provide academic, artistic, and athletic programs in the near future.

Arras, France

Please stay tuned for more information. The City of Barrie hopes to coordinate our first youth exchange with Arras in 2024!

Youth Ambassadors Legacy Fund

For more than 20 years, the youth of Barrie have had the opportunity to explore many different parts of the world through programs coordinated under the auspices of our International Relations Committee. Local teens have traveled to many countries in Europe, Asia and even here in our own hemisphere. We know from their many testimonials what extraordinary experiences they have had, some of which have been life-altering.

From the beginning our committee has insisted that we would accept “the best kids, not the richest kids” into our program. Countless hours have been spent fund-raising to ensure community sponsorships are always available for those less fortunate. Our community sponsors have been amazing, with many supporting us from the very beginning and have never let us down. We hope they continue to see the significance of these opportunities.

As we look to the future, we wish to lay an even stronger foundation to ensure that we continue to provide opportunities for all deserving youth, regardless of their financial means. To do so we are reaching out to all who have benefitted directly from our programs and all those who see the benefits for the youth in our community. To achieve our goal, we need the continued support from our community. If you would consider making a tax-deductible donation to these youth please click on the link below to go to our donations section of the Legacy Fund.

If you have an interest in volunteering with any of these groups please use the information below to contact us.